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In this workshop you will learn about

  • Your body, anatomy, personal relationship and connection to your body.

  • The neuroscience behind sex, connection and pleasure

  • How you think about sex and its impact on your sexual health

  • Your menstrual cycle

  • Interactive Tools

  • Individualized actionable steps to move forward with your sexual pleasure journey

Women's Sexual Health & Pleasure Workshop

Workshop: Approximately 2.5 hour session which includes client education, experiential learning and individualized exercises to provide you with actionable steps to take home and put to immediate use. You will leave this workshop looking at sexual health from a new, more informed perspective that will change your approach and experience with sex.


Sarah Donat - MOT/OTR/L - Occupational Therapist

My practice focuses on women’s mental health. I provide women with the support they need to decrease their mental load, foster a closer relationship to their true selves and learn to harness their emotional and physical wellness with actionable steps.I apply multiple approaches to your care, with a focus on regulating the nervous system, using neuroscience, mindfulness techniques and occupational based treatment. I provide compassionate support

The Team

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