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Frequenlty Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer telehealth sessions?

A: Yes. Telehealth is an option for residents of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Q: Why is this service so long?
A: Women lead fast paced lives. This focused time, for you and you only, is an opportunity to feel safe, seen and be able to share, and come up with a treatment plan that accurately meets your personalized needs.



Q: What will the meal include?
A: The meal is for those who live in Portland, ME. The meal ingredients are made from as many local Maine farms and producers as available per the season. Allergies can be disclosed in the intake forms. Included: an
apetizer, salad, soup, main dish and dessert.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: I do not bill insurance. However, upon request, I can provide you with a superbill to send to your insurance company.

Q: Why will we discuss my cycle?

A: Bringing self-awareness to your menstrual cycle will provide insight into your physical and mental health.  Finding a system to document specific characteristics of this cyclical system within your body may improve your overall health and well being.

Q: What makes you focus on women?

A: Women in our culture carry an enormous mental load. From this process, you will walk away with concrete, actionable steps to decrease that load and ignite up the parts of you that you miss, that you want to develop, that make you, YOU.

Q: What is your travel radius?

A: Within 10 miles, no travel charges are applied. From 11-50 miles, a charge of $1/mile will be applied.

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