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Your Menstral Cycle


Gaining insight about your cycle and how it can change your physical and emotional responsibilities, needs and wants.

Why is my cycle an important part of my well being?

Education and Application

As women, we have a cycle that regulates fluctuation of hormones, physical symptoms, and yes, emotional output. By recognizing how your personal cycle works, you can make strategic plans to create a rhythm of daily living to optimize your quality of life.  


We will review:

  • Anatomical structures such as organs, nerves, innervations

  • Physical and Emotional Symptoms

  • Cycle phases

  • Preparing and honoring your cycle

  • Tracking (3-5 symptoms relevant to you) to incorporate in your support plan

  • Cycle phase specific yoga for symptom relief 

  • Bringing up questions or concerns with your OBGYN (patient advocacy) 



Most women experience their cycle for nearly 40 years. By harnessing its phases, symptoms and impact, we can increase our quality of care, plan for the energy that comes with the rhythm and recognize changes as we age for a better quality of life. 

Let’s Work Together

Sarah Donat

Physical Location: Portland, Maine

Tel: 503-313-1791

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